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Pioneer Appliance is owned and operated by Floyd and Ann Kelm for 35 years.

Our business hours are Monday thru Friday 9:00am -6:00pm

We are located at 205 South Highway 183, Leander, TX 78641

Phone: Business 512-259-3132; Parts Ordering 877-338-4795; Floyd's cell 512-963-3132; Ann's Cell 512-965-1050

We service, sell, purchase and trade referbished appliances as well as sell parts and deliver.

Visit us at our showroom, order parts, call or click us on one of the following links.
Pioneer Appliance has technical experience service for over 35 years and has provided service for all major brands of household appliances. We offer a full range of services.

Pioneer Appliance services all appliances sold in our showroom, as well as several models not currently in stock. When your appliances need repair trust one of our repair associates to promptly identify the problem, and to offer fast yet affordable repair services. Choose between in-home or drop-off service options.

Physical Address:
205 S Hwy 183
Leander,  Texas 78641

Map Location:
205 S Hwy 183
Leander, Texas 78641
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